About the Designs

The designs of greenstone carvings have evolved as the New Zealand

culture has and are a unique representation of our ethnic mix and spiritual consciousness.

Carvings are often inspired by our environment and are mini wearable sculptures with a vibration and meaning

 which can subtly affect their wearer.

The main designs are:

The Spiral

this is like an unfurling fern frond and indicates new beginnings, positive change, awakening, and growth. 


 The Fish Hook

this is a device for attracting good luck and prosperity.

It is said to bring good luck to travellers especially over water.


 The Infinity Loop

this indicates the flow of energy between the physical and spiritual worlds. Also friendship two lives separate but intertwined.


 The Drop or Adze

this indicates strength and independence. It gives confidence and the ability to gain mastery over different aspects of life.


 The Manaia

this is a spiritual guardian. Its tail is fish like, its head is bird like, and its body is human. These parts represent the water, air, and land. It can help a person keep in balance with these elements and at one with their environment.