About The Stone Studio NZ

Small Beginnings

The Stone Studio started in 1997. Prior to that we had a small crystal shop here in Gisborne. I was carving bone and playing around with various different stones. Customers started coming in with pieces of greenstone for me to carve for them. Soon I was spending one day a week doing this. One day grew to four days and we sold the shop to carve full time. Demand has kept pushing the business along so that now we have a large workshop and retail shop.

Stanley Road

At our Stanley Road Premises visitors can learn about the carving process while they view the carvers at work and also learn a bit about the Greenstone. They also have the opportunity to personally choose a carving from our wide selection on display. In our retail space we have a wide range of gift ware and jewellery with a NZ flavour.


The Carvers

We have 3 main carvers at the Stone Studio NZ now. They are Ewan Parker (that's me), Guy Parker (my son), and Wayne Turnbull. Helping us with the finishing and grinding her fingers away making earrings is Sandra Parker (my wife). And I shouldn't neglect to mention Kristina Bowden who looks after our shop and cords and binds the carvings.

A piece of stone will often suggest the shape it needs to be carved into and it is our aim to be sensitive to that and bring out the best in the stone so that the wearer will connect with it on the deepest level.